Thursday, July 9, 2015

Writing and Packing

Camp NaNoWriMo progress: 14,774 words

From today's words:

In her hands she held dual blades, but not weapons that had been forged in any mortal smithy. They shimmered, brilliant white, moving as if a river of light had lost itself in a sword’s shape.

In addition to writing, much packing happened today. I move exactly three weeks from tomorrow, and the thought of it is both exhilarating and terrifying. For the first time, I am actually moving. Not just going away to college for the semester, but leaving. Taking all my stuff and putting it in a new home.

In packing, I've arrived at the conclusion that I have a lot of books. Not too many; there is no such figure. But my library is in the couple hundreds--I haven't counted. And my to-be-read shelf is nearing sixty, and I just keep buying more. I also find it difficult to get rid of books. I only managed to take a dozen or so off the shelves for donation.

There's still so much to do, but I finally feel like I've got a handle on it all. I'm hoping I will be able to finish this manuscript before July 31st so that when it comes time to actually move and unpack and get settled, I won't be worrying about a daily word count. I guess we'll see!

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