Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Review for Kisses by Clockwork and Reading Update

Here's a lovely review of Kisses by Clockwork, a steampunk romance anthology that includes my short story "Love in the Time of Clockwork Horses."

In other news, I am on a reading quest. For years, my TBR pile has huddled between 80 and 100 titles, and even as I read them, I continued to buy new ones (Half Price Books is my nemesis and also my favorite place ever). After moving to Bloomington, I decided that I would finally do something about it. In order to make the move more manageable, I cut down my library a bit, including taking quite a few titles off the TBR pile, ones that had been on there for 5+ years and I was no longer interested in. At the beginning of August, it was at 65 books. Now, it's at 45. (I had a LOT of free time in August before classes started.)

The mission: Finish the TBR pile by the beginning of August 2016 (one year)
The rules: Read at least one book a week and do not buy any new books 

The last part has already proven difficult, but I've stuck to it. See, I love book buying, even when my wallet tells me no. So I'm taking this year to build my library by getting titles that I've already read but really want to own. And also a lot of DVDs and CDs.

After 8 years with a massive TBR pile, I am ready to finally get through it. Wish me luck!

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